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About ODESK a freelancing site

ODESK was a good place for freelance service providers. But last few months it becomes crowdy. Thousands of inexperienced web developers rushed to ODESK to earn some hard cash. They are even bidding $2/hr.  Less hourly rate means less quality. Buyers are interested for low price developers but at the same time they want their job quality too. But this is totally impossible. How one can imagine to get a quality output by giving $2/hr. So it is very natural that ODESK is loosing quality service reputation. But even though some providers are strict enough to bid not less thatn $10/hr. I think those developers are safe. They can dare to high price from Asia region as they know they are very good at their services.

It is better to quit ODESK now. Waiting for the next generation freelancing site.

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